Foam Products

High density foam products - polyurethane foam, close cell foam, outdoor foam, memory foam, gel foam, foam wedges, rolls, polyester stuffing, pillow forms, feather pillows, memory pillows.

Furniture Upholstery

Repairs to all brands of recliners and sofa beds: mechanism repair, wooden frames, hospital chairs and recliners, restaurant booths and benches, restoration.

Leather and Vinyl

Leather, cow hide rugs, upholstery vinyl, marine vinyl, leather repair and replacement, touch up markers, spray lacquer, leather conditioner and cleaner, upholstery cleaner, foam adhesive.

Automotive Products

Automotive products, vinyl and leather repair kits, vinyl and leather cleaners, vinyl and leather paint, cushions, motorcycle seat foam, car seat foam and more ...

Helping with the fight against COVID-19

Are you a frontline worker?

Foamland is proud to announce, that we are going to be donating CGA Face Shields to our customers, that work as front line workers in Hospitals, Grocery Stores, and other essential fields, to keep them protected as they help others! If you are in need of a face shield, please contact us.

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